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Softube Model 80 - Sound Bank '79

Softube Model 80 - Sound Bank '79

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Drawing from the earliest days of polyphonic synthesizers, Sound Bank ‘79 for Softube Model 80 finds its inspiration in synthesizer music found in documentaries and library music from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

A bank comprising 30 patches for instant inspiration. The goal was to squeeze as much vintage analog juice out of this plug-in as possible, primarily working within the constraints of the original Sequential Circuits Prophet-5. Part of the magic of the Prophet-5 design was it's clear workflow, enabling you to get a wide array of sounds quickly. I'm happy to say that Softube have stayed faithful to this simplicity that has helped this instrument to endure all these years.

Sound Bank '79 is a series of vintage tones for different synths and plug-ins, so look out for future releases.

**PLEASE NOTE THESE PATCHES WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE SOFTUBE MODEL 80 PLUG-IN. There are no refunds or exchanges after purchase.**
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