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Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio - Hydra

Synapse Audio - Hydra

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The Hydra is a multi-model synthesizer, features three different routing models, each with three oscillators. Each routing model combines the three oscillators in different ways, by phase modulation or ring modulation - and each model has radically different possibilities.

- Versatile multi-model synthesizer
- 39 preset waveforms per oscillator for diverse sound options
- Customizable tone shaping with a multimode resonant filter
- Enhanced sub-bass with a stereo spread using the bass expansion filter
- Intuitive interface with logical organization for easy sound design

The logical organization of the user interface makes it easy to maintain a good overview of the high number of parameters, and design your own original sounds. Two of the three oscillators have 39 preset waveforms, and can be individually saturated. Envelopes can be switched to percussive mode, turning the instrument into an extremely versatile drum sound synthesizer.

Hydra comes with a library of 128 useful and imaginative presets, including house/club style organs, bells and percussions, basses, subtle ambient atmospheres, powerful leads and rich stereo pads.

System requirements for Windows:
- CPU: Intel Core Duo 1 GHz or higher
- System: Windows 7 SP 1 or later, 64-bit VST 2 host

System requirements for Mac OS X:
- CPU: Intel or ARM-based CPUs
- System: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit VST 2 or AU host

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