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Estudio Kymátika

Synplant 2 - Electro-Acoustic Explorations

Synplant 2 - Electro-Acoustic Explorations

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"Electro -Acoustic Explorations" is a preset bank for the synplant 2 synthesizer.
99 handcrafted patches, made resynthesizing, tweaking and polishing sound sources from pianos, gongs, crystal and tibetan bowls, handpans, and rare world instruments processed by modular synthesizers and other experimental electronic devices.
99 presets including Pads, keys, bells, leads, fx, atmospheres, basses, sonic evolutions...
All sounds have an organic flavour where the electric and the acoustic converge, and are suitable for all types of music, from ambient, electronic, cinematic, to neoclassical and world music, especially for those looking for new timbres to apply to their productions.

Each presets is designed and conceived to be a source of inspiration, the creative germ of new compositions. I wish you can enjoy these sounds, and that they serve you as much as they do for me: pushing your creativity and helping you express through music.


Josue Arias - Estudio Kymátika
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