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Synth1 User Manual

synth1 user manual download

The Quintessential Free VST/AU Synth Plugin

 Synth1 is modelled after the Clavia Nord Lead 2.

Synth1 does an excellent job of replicating the character of this instrument whilst also providing many new features,

With Synth1, you can quickly and easily begin a journey into the world of virtual analog synthesis through this excellent vst synth plugin.

Bringing you analog flavour the Synth1 mimics traditional analog synthesisers in a way no one previously thought possible whilst remaining firmly in the virtual domain and embracing its digital nature the end result is a clean-sounding synth with a nice sizzle and bite.

Synth1 Features:

  • 2 oscillators + 1 sub-oscillator,
  • FM mod,
  • ring mod,
  • sync,
  • mod envelope,
  • phase shift
  • 4 types of filters,
  • resonance,
  • saturation
  • 2 LFOs (synchronised with host)
  • arpeggiator (synchronised with host)
  • tempo delay (with sync),
  • stereo chorus/flanger effect unit,
  • EQ,
  • pan poly/mono/legato mode,
  • portamento,
  • unison
  • 32 notes polyphony
  • Patch Bank details: 128 presets per bank, bank browser automation
  • MIDI CC control.
  • Available in VST plugin 
  • Available in AU plugin
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