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Syntronik - More Power

Syntronik - More Power

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More Power Sound Pack

120 presets for Syntronik MAX v2 (full version of Syntronik wil all synths).

This set is unusual because 3rd party presets packs for Syntronik are rare. Most of people treats Syntronik as a rompler, but in fact it is really powerful synth (difference is that its oscillators are sampled, not generated).

This set extends Syntronik with powerful presets such as hard and strong basses, analog basses, melodic leads, synthwave leads, deep pads and nice plucks. Plus few ARPs as a bonus.

Video above shows some of presets, but it's only a preview how they sounds. Creating interesting themes is up to you - this pack just help you to do that with ready to use powerful presets with "wow" factor.

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