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V-Station - Genesis

V-Station - Genesis

A sound pack originally created in 2005 amongst the golden age of Trance.

First conceived in 2003 and completed in 2005 This pack sought to emulate some of the classic sounds of the golden ages of Trance music alongside new and interesting sonic territory for this 'Virtual Analog' synth plugin.

In retrospect it can now be considered the inception of SOUND7 as a concept and originally created with an incredibly limited monitoring chain - despite not being as refined, polished or professional sounding as our modern packs it still holds up well today. 

If you care for the potted history of SOUND7s inspiration check out the story here. if you just want the damn sounds just scroll down a bit more!

Sound Pack Contents:

  • 126 V-Station Sounds.

You'll find a handful of classic tones mixed in amongst an array of genre adhering sounds of the time. 

Big leads, plucky tones, trance and hard house basses with all the noise and aliasing that early pioneers of software synthesisers bought with them. 

Includes V-Station native .MID format (loading sounds this method omits the patch names).

If loading via the .MID the patches occupy slots 100 to 128.

Also includes individual FXP and 1 FXB file which will load via Cubase and some other daws with FXP/B compatibility. 

Tested working with Cubase Pro 12 and latest iteration of Novation V-Station.

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