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Valhalla Room - Delicate Spaces

Valhalla Room - Delicate Spaces

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86 Valhalla Room Reverb Presets.

Delicate Spaces is an excellent sounding expansion for the Valhalla Room Reverb effect plugin.

This expansion contains 86 carefully designed reverb presets that range from realistic rooms, chambers, halls and plates, to lush and unreal kind of ambiances that work fantastic in electronic orientated music styles.

When launched, Valhalla Room quickly became a favorite reverb plugin of many professional and bedroom producers alike. A very sophisticated, modern reverb is  finally available that provides producers and musicians the crystal clear clarity, lush reverb responses and excellent sounding modulation.

Since its release, Valhalla Room received a lot of new algorithms, each of them offering something unique. All these different high quality algorithms make Valhalla Room very versatile and during the design process of this expansion, we made sure to make heavy use of all the different qualities that these algorithms have to offer.

Ready to give your music the reverb it deserves? 

What's included?

86 presets for Valhalla Room Reverb
  • 15 Fantasy
  • 31 Halls and Large Spaces
  • 8 Plates
  • 32 Rooms & Chambers
Requires Valhalla Room 1.5.1 +
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