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Waldorf M - Quantum

Waldorf M - Quantum

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Quantum sound pack features 128 patches for the Waldorf M

‘Quantum’ features futuristic digital soundscapes, morphing wavetable pads , shimmering synth sounds, glitchy electronic distortion pads, chaotic looping noise sounds, transformer vocal pads and much more.

Discover a universe of awe-inspiring sounds, meticulously designed to inspire your creativity and fuel your musical journey. From rich and textured pads to gritty basslines, soaring leads, and intricate arpeggios, each preset is a masterpiece in itself.

With easy integration into your Waldorf M synthesizer, you can effortlessly access and manipulate these professional-grade presets. Fine-tune the parameters to suit your unique artistic vision, and effortlessly create music that stands out from the crowd.
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