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Sonny Nieuwenhuizen

Yamaha RS7000 - ABSTRCTD

Yamaha RS7000 - ABSTRCTD

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20 meticulously crafted and composed RS7000 track starters.

With a total of 151 patterns and seven samples ready to breathe fresh air into your Yamaha RS7000.

Introducing the ultimate sound pack for the iconic Yamaha RS7000! Unleash your creativity with this brand new collection of cutting-edge sounds and samples meticulously crafted to take your music production to new heights.

Experience an electronic sonic adventure with a diverse range of meticulously designed RS7000 patches, mesmerizing textures, punchy drum kits, and dynamic percussion samples. Elevate your compositions and performances with this carefully curated sound pack tailored exclusively for the Yamaha RS7000. 

What you get in this pack:

  • 20 Track Starters
  • 151 Patterns
  • Seven Samples

About the RS7000

The Yamaha RS7000 is a professional-grade music production workstation and sequencer. It was first introduced by Yamaha in 2001 and gained popularity among electronic music producers and artists. The RS7000 combines a powerful hardware sequencer, sampler, synthesizer, and drum machine into a single unit, providing a comprehensive solution for music creation and performance.

Here are some key features and capabilities of the Yamaha RS7000:

Sequencer: The RS7000 features a robust 64-track MIDI sequencer with extensive sequencing and editing capabilities. It supports real-time recording, step sequencing, and pattern-based sequencing, allowing you to create complex arrangements and musical compositions.

Sampler: The built-in sampler of the RS7000 enables you to record and manipulate audio samples. It offers sampling at various bit depths and sample rates, and you can slice and truncate samples, apply time-stretching, and manipulate the samples in various ways.

Synthesis: The RS7000 incorporates a virtual analog synthesizer engine with a wide range of sound generation capabilities. It provides multiple synth engines, including subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, and physical modeling, allowing you to create diverse sounds and textures.

Drum machine: With its integrated drum machine, the RS7000 offers a collection of high-quality drum sounds and percussion samples. You can program and sequence drum patterns, adjust the timing, and apply various effects and processing to the individual drum sounds.

Effects and processing: The RS7000 includes a comprehensive set of onboard effects and processors to enhance your sounds and mix. It offers a variety of effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, and more. Additionally, you can apply filters, EQ, and modulation effects to individual tracks and sounds.

Connectivity and integration: The RS7000 provides multiple connectivity options, including MIDI, USB, and digital audio inputs/outputs. This allows you to connect external devices, synchronize with other hardware or software, and integrate the workstation into your studio setup.

User interface: The RS7000 features a user-friendly interface with a combination of buttons, knobs, and a graphical LCD display. It offers a comprehensive set of controls for easy navigation, editing, and sound manipulation.

The Yamaha RS7000 remains a highly regarded music production workstation appreciated for its versatile features and professional-grade capabilities.
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